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Anyone looking for a job in the states must actively use LinkedIn because HR and all of your future colleagues use it. So it’s extremely important to pay attention to how your LinkedIn is being presented and that it represents the best version of you. 

Profile on LinkedIn should be filled out well.

Create a strong Linkedin profile by following the next steps:

1. Profile picture.

Your profile picture is very important. On the basis of your profile picture, people will want to connect to you, offer you a job.

If you don’t have a profile picture or if it’s outdated then you have to work on that.

What do you need to have a good profile picture?

  • It has to be close up.
  • Look in the camera
  • Neutral background

2. Background picture.

A background picture can give your audience a greater insight into who you are. 

  • Find a high-quality photo specific to your industry. 

You can use

The great thing about this website is that you can download industry-specific photos that are pre-sized and ready to go. 

  • Make sure your background photo is sized correctly. LinkedIn recommends that a cover image be 1584 x 396 pixels.
  • Add text to your background picture. You can use Canva.

3. Headline.

Your headline is the piece of text that comes below your name. The first things potential employers see when accessing your profile. That’s why it has to draw the people into your profile and make them want to read more about you. 

  • In the headline write your job function and company name + important keywords.
  • Indicate that you are interested (ready to relocate) in relocating.

4. Geolocation.

Do not forget to indicate it. LinkedIn’s algorithm considers any empty fields as an unfinished profile, and reduces the indexing of your page.

5. Contact details

Don’t forget to put out your contact details 

Always remember to include – Email address. Also, make your email visible to everyone. 

If you do not check your profile every day, it is a good option for you.  A recruiter or hiring manager has your email address and can reach you easily.

6. Summary.

A summary is the piece of text that you can find below your title. A lot of people don’t even write up profile summaries in their LinkedIn profiles.

 In your summary explain what your skills are, what your strengths are. Also, write about problems you can help to solve. 

7. Work experience.

Make your work experience short and sweet.

Indicate your job position, a company you work for. (exact year, month)

Then write your bullet points, including job responsibilities, accomplishments, and implemented solutions.

8. Ask for recommendation

A lot of people seem to hesitate to ask for recommendations from their old managers or bosses, but get over that fear and ask for recommendations. 

Note. These recommendations have to be from people that you worked for. 

9. Grow your network.

  • Invite people to connect. 
  • Send the requests to different groups that are relevant to your field of expertise. There you can find a lot of people with the similar interests.

10. LinkedIn profile URL

URL link should only include your name. 

For example «»

You can edit your URL here:  “Edit public profile & URL